ERDA Research Excellence Award

ERDA Research Excellence Award is given to the teaching or research professionals (who are lifetime member of ERDA and teaching in any Indian or Foreign College or Institute or University or working as a researcher in any Government or Non Government Organisation) for their outstanding contribution in the field of research. This award is given for their research contribution in field of Science & Technology, Commerce and Management, Social Sciences and Art and Humanities. Any member who has earlier received any award from ERDA, shall not be eligible for this award. 

Following parameters shall be taken into consideration at the time of selection of appropriate candidates for this award:  Research papers published in indexed journals during last five years, Patents obtained during last five years, Citations of any five papers till the date of applying for this award, Papers presented in National and International Seminars and Conferences during last two years, Invited as a resource person for workshop on research methodology during last two years, Participated as a resource person or key note speaker or session chair or session co-chair in National and International Seminars and Conferences during last five years, Presence in editorial board of National and International Journals during last five years, Reviewers for Indexed Journals during last five years and other achievements in the field of research during last five years. 

How to apply: When the notification for the award will be issued by the Governing Body of ERDA, link will be available on our website, through this link interested members can apply for this award. Following documents will be required to submit at the time of applying for this award. 

  • Passport size photo
  • Employer’s ID Card
  • Email ID
  • Contact number
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Proof of all the achievements in the field of research