Aims and Objectives

  1. Promoting Education and Research: To advance education and research in the fields of Science and Technology, Commerce and Management, Humanities and Social Sciences.

  2. Social Development Initiatives: To initiate and organize a wide range of activities aimed at fostering social development.

  3. Educational and Cultural Events: To conduct various events, including Seminars, Symposia, Debates, Conferences, Workshops, Lectures, Meetings, Test Series, Mock Examinations, Training Programs, Exhibitions, Career Fairs, Book Fairs, Counseling Sessions, Quiz Competitions, Essay Competitions, and similar activities.

  4. Research Collaboration: To accept research projects from both Government and Non-Government Organizations and Institutions.

  5. Talent and Skill Development: To establish, manage, and oversee Talent Search Exams, Olympiads, Fellowships, Scholarships, Awards, and Prizes to promote knowledge and skill development among students.

  6. Recognition for Excellence: To institute awards recognizing outstanding contributions in education, research, and social development by academicians, individuals, organizations, and institutions.

  7. Global Collaboration: To forge partnerships and collaborations with National and International Universities, Institutions, Organizations, Individuals, and NGOs to enhance education and research.

  8. Educational Programs: To offer Certificate, Diploma, and Degree courses in collaboration with National and International Universities and Institutions.

  9. Publishing Initiatives: To publish papers, periodicals, magazines, books, journals, study materials, and related publications independently or in collaboration with other entities.

  10. Community Engagement: To engage with a diverse community of individuals, academics, and non-academics, as well as Government and Non-Government Organizations, through membership to achieve the trust’s goals.

  11. Promote Employment: To operate various social enterprises with the aim of creating employment opportunities.

  12. Fundraising and Resource Management: To accept donations, subscriptions, grants, gifts, and collect income from the Trust Fund for the advancement of the trust’s objectives.

  13. Additional Activities: To engage in any other lawful activities that promote the best interests of society.